Subsea Cameras and Lights

It is not an easy task to see clearly in the harshest conditions on Earth. Let us help you navigate and surveil the depths with confidence. We provide a broad range of powerful product, through our partnership with Imenco and Arctic Rays. The variety allows us to offer the ideal subsea imaging solution for you. We have helped with applications such as surveillance, repair, maintenance, research, filmmaking, deepsea search & recovery, and more.

Discover how we can enhance your underwater operations. Then, contact us to start rigging your ROVs, AUVs, submersibles, or platforms to see the unseen.




Let’s Find the Solution to Your Subsea Imaging Needs

Gardner Technologies Inc. partners with leading manufacturers Imenco and Artic Ray to deliver a range of underwater cameras and lights.

Imenco Cameras, Lights, and Electronics: Shed Light on the Ocean’s Mysteries

Imenco designs industry-leading, low-latency cameras for the harshest marine environments. They lead the market in marine and underwater imaging solutions. Their subsea cameras and lights are built for applications such as offshore energy, aquaculture, marine & naval, and industrial. Imenco Camera and Light Features:

  • Water-corrected lenses
  • Rugged, compact builds
  • Color, B&W, thermal, 4K, and HD camera options
  • Ultra-low light options
  • Pan, Tilt, & zoom options
  • Live video options
  • Built-in illuminator options
  • Quality imagery down to 11,000 meters

Explore a selection of the best commercial off-the-shelf subsea cameras and lights below. Or contact Gardner Technologies, Inc. for further

When you work with Gardner Technologies Inc., you get more than just an underwater camera. You get a tailored solution. We understand which equipment your application demands. Contact us to quickly find a solution that meets all safety, security, and reliability requirements.

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Pygmy Shark HD-SDI Wide Angle Camera

  • 5MP, Day/Night, IR Illuminators
  • PoE Plus
  • Stainless steel 316
  • Window Hydrophilic Film Option
  • Heater de-mister
  • Mil spec EMI

OE14-504 High Definition Wide Angle Colour Zoom Camera

  • 12MP
  • Poe Plus
  • IR Illuminators
  • ePTZ feature
  • 360-degree Imaging technology

Lizard Shark HD – Pan / Tilt HD Zoom Camera with Lights

  • Amphibious Low-Light Surveillance System
  • Ultra Low light
  • IP option
  • Fixed & PTZ options
  • U.S. Mil Spec design

Night Shark – Ultra Low-Light Wide-Angle Monochrome Camera

  • High Definition
  • Options for 4K, 36x Zoom, IR, Thermal, Flame Detection & Wiper
  • PoE
  • IP68
  • Stainless steel 316

OE14-522HDIP High Definition Ethernet Pan & Tilt Zoom Camera

  • Remotely controllable Pan, Tilt & Zoom camera with wiper
  • 3MP, STARVIS CMOS Sensor
  • Smart IR Illuminator option
  • PoE ++
  • NJORD Stainless Steel 316 DNV Type Approved
  • LOKI marine aluminum


SeaLED 300 – 15.000 Lumen LED Light

  • Remotely controllable 5MP, Pan, Tilt & Zoom dome camera
  • Day/Night
  • 30x Optical Zoom
  • Smart IR Illuminators
  • Ultra PoE (PoE++) or 24Vac


OE10-104 Medium Duty Panand-Tilt Positioner

  • Output torque: 37Nm (speed dependent)
  • Output speed: 13-30 degrees / second
  • Position Feedback: 8-bit serial +- 2º accuracy
  • Power: 24V DC, 2.8A (max)
  • Control: RS232, RS485
  • Depth: 6000msw

Arctic Rays Subsea Technology Systems: Dive Deeper and Uncover More

Find patented, high-performance designs with Arctic Ray deep-sea lighting and imaging systems.

Experts with over 20 years of experience in LED lighting, optics, and marine technology design Arctic Ray products. Their cameras are the smallest possible size, lowest power consumption and their lights also offer the highest illumination levels in the industry, and both have exceptional quality. They are ideal for ROV cameras, AUVs, manned submersibles, and offshore platforms. Most Arctic Ray products are rated from 1,000-6,000 meters (contact GTI for product specifications).

Explore our range of Arctic Ray subsea lights and cameras below or contact Gardner Technologies, Inc. for further information. We work closely with our customers to ensure we satisfy all subsea imaging and illumination needs.

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EagleRay – Compact 4K MiniCamera

  • Smallest 4K UHD deep-sea cinema camera on the market
  • 12-50 mm Olympus zoom lens
  • Fully remote control
  • Includes Atomos DVR/monitor
  • Perfect for compact ROVs and AUVs

Thresher – HD IP Camera with Ultra-Wide, Low-Distortion Lens

  • 4K resolution at 30 fps
  • 8x digital zoom
  • HTTP API control
  • Onboard recording and remote download
  • Optional scaling lasers
  • Perfect for scaling and distance measurement

Mako – Programmable 4K Mini-Camera

  • 4K standalone camera
  • UHD onboard recording to microSD card
  • SD (NTSC/PAL) video monitor output
  • Programmable intervalometer
  • Optional battery pack and scaling lasers
  • Perfect for low-power monitoring

Manta – FHD IP Camera with 360x Zoom

  • UHD onboard recording to microSD card
  • 0.0015 lux minimum illumination
  • 30x optical zoom; 12x digital zoom
  • External PTL control via passthru serial port over TCP/IP
  • Dual strobe and torch lighting
  • Perfect for subsea surveillance systems


Fusion 6 – Low-Profile, UltraBright LED Strobe Light Panel

  • Single-channel, customizable white color temperature
  • Wide flood beam
  • Stainless steel 316
  • 180,000 lumens
  • Pressure-balanced, oil-filled emitter panel on hard-anodized 6061 aluminum backplate
  • Perfect for HOV/ROV/AUV professional imaging applications

WolfFish – Multi-Channel, Ultra-High-Output LED Torch Light

  • White, blended, or independent tricolor
  • Wide flood or narrow beam
  • Dimmable 30,000 lumens, flicker-free
  • Thermal self-protection
  • Hard anodized 6061 aluminum housing
  • Perfect for blue-chip film making, heavy ROV work

DragonFish Torch – Compact, Ultra-Bright LED Torch Light

  • Various white temperatures and monochrome color options
  • Wide flood beam, narrow available
  • Dimmable 10,000 lumens, flicker-free
  • Thermal self-protection
  • Hard anodized 6061 aluminum housing
  • Perfect for HOV/ROV/AUV professional imaging applications

Remora Strobe – Low-Profile LED Torch Light

  • Single-channel, customizable white color temperature
  • Wide flood beam, narrow available
  • 30,000 lumens
  • Hard anodized 6061 aluminum housing
  • Perfect for HOV/ROV/AUV professional imaging applications


HammerHead XT – Extra-High Torque Miniature Pan-and-Tilt Positioner

  • 13.6 Nm torque per axis
  • Variable-speed, brushless motors for 360º rotation in both axes, also available as a single-axis rotator
  • Absolute position feedback
  • Power: 24V DC, 2.8A (max)
  • Control: RS232, RS485
  • Depth: 6000 msw

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