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If your job requires you to operate underwater, you need to have confidence in the equipment you use. Your systems must be dependable in harsh marine environments and meet all your specific needs. As a full-service marine equipment supplier, Gardner Technologies Inc. is here to help.

Our company provides products for commercial and government customers who need marine systems that operate in some of the most extreme environments on Earth. We provide cost-effective, targeted solutions from design to installation for all your needs. Contact us today for marine and underwater products from leading manufacturers like Imenco and Kongsberg Mesotech.

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Outfit Your Vessel with Top-Notch Gear

Gardner Technologies Inc. has been setting the standard for marine system excellence for over 20 years. We have helped countless customers navigate their vessel’s equipment needs, providing hassle-free solutions in the process. We even assisted with the discovery of the Titanic and countless other shipwrecks. When you work with GTI, we’ll leverage our experience and knowledge to ensure that you receive the right equipment for your specific purpose.

Our Product Offerings:

  • Shipboard Marine CCTV
  • Underwater Sonar
  • Underwater Cameras and Lights
  • Underwater Connectors and Cables

Mission Statement

Gardner Technologies Inc. has been a leader in the mid-Atlantic region in providing technical sales services to both public and private marine customers since 2000. We specialize in representing manufacturers of instrumentation devices, equipment, and software. We have a wide selection of high-quality marine and naval products made by our trusted manufacturing partners. We will take the time to thoroughly understand your requirements to ensure you receive the best available products for your particular situation. We are committed to maintaining strong relationships and delivering quality results to all our customers.

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