DEEPLINC offers its customers with subsea connectors, cable systems, terminations, pressure vessels, and sensors. DEEPLINC is an expert in the engineering and design of harsh undersea environment solutions. They provide connection services for a wide range of industries, including government, military, oil & gas, telecommunication, and oceanographic. With technology like wet-mateable electric, optic, and hybrid electric-optic cable connection, DEEPLINC can help you with your connection needs.


As ocean exploration moves further offshore, it is becoming clear the traditional copper wire cannot handle the greater distances with enough bandwidth. Given growing needs of greater distance and bandwidth, it has become essential to implement fiber optic products.

The DL5500 is designed to address the new needs of the defense and offshore oil & gas industries. This product provides a wet-mateable electric, optic, and hybrid optic-electric connection. The DL5500 is designed similar to existing product interfaces, providing you with a bolt-on reliability for equivalent cost.

DL5500 Features:

  • Full mechanical separation of oil chambers: Mechanical engagement of contacts occurs in fully isolated oil volumes independent of the connector interface engagement oil volumes
  • Barrier isolation of electrical and optical contact chambers before and after engagement
  • Elimination of contact contamination and cross-contamination factors
  • Enhanced life cycle from increased and separated oil supplies for optical and electrical insert contacts
  • Eliminates exposure of non-insulated plug electrical pins
  • Redundant and robust actuation mechanisms
  • Similar interface and configuration for replacement of existing products

DL5500 Ratings:

  • Depth Rating: 7,000m (23,000 ft.)
  • Design Life: 25 Years
  • Operating Temperature: -5ᵒC to +45ᵒC (23ᵒF to 113ᵒF)
  • Storage Temperature: -25ᵒC to +60ᵒC (-13ᵒF to 140ᵒF)
  • Maximum optical insertion loss of 0.5dB per channel
  • Maximum optical back reflection of -45dB per channel


DEEPLINC Summary of Product Lines

DEEPLINC offers a wide range of solutions that are specifically designed for harsh undersea environments. These products include their patented underwater composite connection system, underwater packaging of fiber optic, electrical components, material selection, corrosion compatibility and failure analysis. In addition to this DEEPLINC has capabilities in new product development, test and qualification services, project management, and business development.

Market Served:

  • Government & Military
  • Oil & Gas
  • Telecommunications
  • Oceanographic & Scientific
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