Nautilus Cables offers customers unmatched personalized service with high quality cables and umbilical solutions for rugged applications. It was founded recently by top industry experts, who have been serving the Defense Industry, including the Departments of Homeland Security and Defense as well as the US Armed Forces, since 1998.

What we offer you:

  • Design Consultation and manufacturing
  • Custom Cable & Umbilical Solutions
    • Ruggedized optical cables for harsh environments
    • Buoyant, non-buoyant, and hybrid cable solutions
    • Tow cables for marine, hydrographic, defense, and seismic applications
    • Electro-mechanical cables
    • Electro-optic cables
    • High strength small diameter communication cables for tethered applications
  • Testing, ensuring high strength and performance
  • Expert installation
  • Defense and Government Applications
  • Turnkey Cable Solutions
  • Unmatched Personalized Service
  • Immediate results
  • All products made In the USA

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